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"Fields Of Glory" Lyric Poetry Book

This book brings you the incredible lyrics from the first 7 Sansietch CDs.

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The Road Home from El Camino Largo

 The Road Home

© 2009 Sansietch

Back to the city and back to the grind again

too many red lights and folks who don't shake hands

I've seen people without common decency

choked on the smog and chased all the money

but I never forgot my place

Times I spent out on the road,

chasin' freedom and throwin' stones

I think I got lost, I don't know where it went

On a stretch of I-40, I left her again

and I know I'll get back there someday

under big skies and where the heat starts to rise

off the road south of Tucumcari.

They say you can never go back again,

no way, you've changed too much since then.

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