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Posted by sansietch on July 11, 2007 at 9:33 AM

We apologize for the blog problem. seems to have went belly up and now Sansietch blogs are no longer available. As usual, there are no back-ups. If any fans out there have those blogs on their computers, please email us a copy.


So onward. Sansietch continues to write and record music. Blues Farm Studios has been a project of real joy. It continues to grow and expand and become the scene of real creation. As a refresher for fans, here is some background:


After some touring in the early fall of 2006, Sansietch took several months to recoup after a car accident. The time was spent with his children and more recently, he?s been reworking his live set to include over three hours of music from both Fields Of Glory and Acoustic River. It also includes tracks from earlier homebrewed CDs such as All Over Now (Available only by special request to the artist at )


When asked about his plans for 2007, Sansietch certainly expects to be busy. He?s voiced a desire to record both another acoustic-style CD, and possibly another blues/rock CD as well. He?s ready to bring several different sets to the live stage. With an extensive catalog of music, and the effort spent arranging cuts for one-man, live acoustic shows, the year looks to be a boon for Sansietch?s Southwest and international fan base.


The move to creating an independent label, Blues Farm, has certainly been a shaping factor for Sansietch. In early summer he plans to record long-time friend and fellow musician, Jose Rodriguez. The two have mentioned sessions over the past couple months that have been more than their regular jams? Both have been performing and rearranging many of the songs Sansietch currently has in his set.


Will there be new material on Jose?s CD? Sansietch seems to think so, even indicating that Jose sometimes remembers material Sansietch forgot, and never recorded. It could become the exclusive recorded version of such material. Wouldn?t fans love to get their hands on such gems?


From the start, Sansietch has been the local music connoisseur?s dream come true. With plenty of written material, and multiple media outlets for info and insight into the artist, Sansietch is either an evil marketer, or an eloquent artist. Either way, fans rejoice in the ability to comb the web for tidbits on the man.


As a kudos for fans, we?re listing here, several places to find an interesting take on the artist known as, Sansietch.



Okay, here?s what?s really going on. Sansietch is about halfway through the writing and recording process on two albums. One, Southwest Kettle, is a semi-live barebones recording of Sansietch doing acoustic material. Here?s his take:


The sampling picture, the album, what I like to think of as a snapshot in time, doesn?t necessarily have to capture an image in time. At a sub-level, the live album is often pieced together with material spanning multiple albums. As an AC/DC fan, I can tell you I was never disappointed that certain songs found themselves in other places. I can just as easily access the song from either picture, or album.


So I?m releasing an almost live CD, entitled Southwest Kettle. The CD has songs from at least three different albums. But these songs are played just this way in my one man sets. Southwest Kettle is as basic as music gets really. Just one man with an acoustic guitar and his voice. No frills recording, and no overdubs or backtracking.


I?ve also decided to do some more rock. I?ll be releasing (tentative title) Take A Seat On The Bench later this summer. That?s right, just sit down. An over the top dose of crazy improvised metal ravings by yours truly. I?ve decided that I certainly don?t need to be constrained with marketing boo-hooing about doing one type of music. I?m starting a separate website called Sansietch Rocks. Come check it out, and if you?re not into that kind of madness, you can always find new acoustic material at my main site,


Everyone seems to be curious about the fusion of styles, but it seems natural to me. Most of the artists that I grew up with were a complete fusion. Imagine Styx without James? growling rock guitar, or Van Halen without Roth?s showboat, show-tune, showmanship all over the place (see Sammy here.)


Just think of Yngwie without his attitude. Think of the Beatles without ? love.



Sansietch would like to thank his fans for their support. We will be blogging at this address now and should have it plugged into the feedburner ticker soon. Expect more of an updated format, vs the usual ravings of Sansietch about the record industry and life in general.


Lastly, many of the new instrumental metal tracks are already for sale on the new website. They will come later when the new album is released, but you can grab some now to tide you over. Also, Sansietch has expressed his vision of the digital file becoming the standard for music. We will therefore be converting all songs and setting them for sale online. All CD?s prior to Acoustic River will no longer be available for sale. If you were lucky enough to get one, you should invest in a safebox! The good news? All that material should soon be available for digital download soon, and as you know, we post lyrics and much artwork online so you?ll still be able to find good stuff.


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